mandatory indemnification Notification on Mandatory COVID-19 Testing in HaizhuDistrict


Notification on Mandatory COVID-19 Testing in HaizhuDistrict



To strengthen our COVID-19 response, the Guangzhou MunicipalGovernment hasdecided that Haizhu District will conduct district-wide COVIDtesting on allresidents starting from 10:30 on April 9. We hereby notify youof the details asfollows:


1. Please follow the instructions of the community staff and takethe testin your allocated time slots. This testing is universal and shouldcover everyhousehold and every individual.


2. Please bring your mobile phone, and get your Guangdong COVID-19Testing(Yuehesuan) QR code ready for a faster on-site verificationprocess. Seniorcitizens and minors who do not have a smart phone may get a QRcode on theirfamily members’ devices.


3. Please wear a mask and go to the designated testing site. Pleasefollowsocial distancing of one meter. Stay in queues and do not gather. Followthestaff’s instructions while you enter and exit the testing site.


4. If you have a yellow health code or have received a text messagefromCDC, please go to the testing site for yellow code holders.


5. If you have taken a COVID-19 vaccination shot within 48 hours,please donot take the test until it’s 48 hours later. Please report this toyour communitystaff.


6. Please refrain from traveling or attending group activitiesbefore thetest results come out. If you have a fever or other symptoms, pleasevisit anearby fever clinic immediately.


Failure to participate in the testing will bring youconsiderableinconvenience in life. You will be held legally liable if anyserious consequenceis caused. To protect yourself and others, please cooperatewith us to ensureefficient testing. Please do not trust nor spread rumors.




Haizhu COVID-19Control and Prevention Command Center

April 9, 2022



mandatory indemnification Notification on Mandatory COVID-19 Testing in HaizhuDistrict

mandatory indemnification Notification on Mandatory COVID-19 Testing in HaizhuDistrict